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Lutheran School's Week

During our Bible time, I asked each child who or what they would like to pray for. We sat together and prayed to God as a group, as we lifted up each child’s prayer request. It was truly a beautiful experience, God is so good and the power of prayer is beautiful!

Puddle Jumpin'

During our weather week, I created ten blue puddles for the children to jump on. We set them up outside and one by one jumped through ten puddles. We cheered and counted together as each child jumped through ten rain puddles. What a fun way to learn

and exercise at the same time!

10 Apples on Top

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the children and I celebrated with an exciting game of Ten Apples Up on Top. We sat in a circle and cheered on each child as they attempted to stack ten apple blocks up on top. We counted one by one, as the towers grew taller and taller. Afterwards, we went around the circle to see who could remember how many apples each child mangaged to stack. It was so fun and a lot of learning was accomplished!

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