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Spilling the Beans

Sometimes (let’s face it, most times) life in a preschool classroom can be unpredictable. There are moments that melt your heart, and times when all we can do is laugh, as otherwise we’d cry…today I was reaching for an item on the shelf, and happened to knock over a bucket of dry beans. Beans everywhere…To my pleasant surprise, several students happily came to my aid in cleaning up the mess and putting the beans back in the box. I was delighted…until the children realized what a fun sensory experience it was to dig in the beans. So unwittingly I created an exciting new center to explore, and the kids had a blast playing with the box. Eventually, this developed into a whole new mess, which was followed by several other events of quick chaos. It turned out to be quite an exciting day, all started with an accidental tip of beans. We just never know what will happen…this can be anxiety-producing, but it also guarantees we won’t get bored! And after all, when we know the One who holds the future, we can rest in trust that no matter what falls in our way, we will be loved and cared bean at a time.

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