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by Melissa Fowler

How does the tabernacle point to Jesus?

First was the outer courtyard, it is set up to show the Israelites were to be kept apart, just as God is separated from sin. The Israelites were called to live holy lives to show people God's love. Saundra and Michael Hammons donated our cool smoothie serving cups to illustrate this idea.

Next, our box of tissues in the center of the table represented an altar. They, the people of God, would offer a lamb as a sin offering to wash away their sins. Our tissue box served as a way to point to Jesus and how he ultimately took away our sins through his death and resurrection.

Monday morning, we learned how the Tabernacle, or Tent of Meeting, was a large tent with 4 coverings. The outside isn’t decorated. It’s not as if a goat hair covering is super fancy, as a matter of fact it’s rather common in the Bible times. God didn’t put all the decorations on the outside, just as he does not look at the outside of us to judge us. God looks at our heart. Our unique and nutritious ingredients went inside the pitcher(heart) and got blended in our mixer, just as our emotional experiences and life's choices shape our hearts.

Inside the tabernacle, there were candles to light the tent. We placed bright fruits and vegetables in our recipe to illustrate God's shining light. These candles shined brightly not only to give the priests light, but also to illustrate how God shines His loving light in our lives.

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